Wilex International Sp z o.o.

Company description:

Wilex International - manufacturer of pallets for storage and transport of the type of tires TireRack Big, TireRack Small and MotoRack and pallets of bar StackRack, BagRack,. Pallets also known as manurack, mobilrack, pallets, tires, pallet for tires, tire racks, pallets on bigbag, mobile racks, tire rack storage system,stacking rack Our products are designed for storage and transport of automobile tires, trucks, vans and motorcycles. We also offer a palette bar charts that allow stacking of goods. For details and a full offert of products please visit our website: www.wilex.net.pl

  • Contact details

    Address: Wilex International Sp z o.o.
    Parkowa 7
    Konopnica, 98-313, Poland
    Telefon: Tel. +48 531 315 726
    WWW: www.wilex.net.pl
  • Business hours

    Monday 7-16
    Tuesday 7-16
    Wednesday 7-16
    Thursday 7-16
    Friday 7-16
    Saturday closed
    Sunday closed
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